Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Welcome To My New Website
Welcome to my new and improved internet home-away-from home!

My name is Gene Berardelli. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

I am trial attorney with a few career milestones under my belt. So you can expect some legal news, some talk about some unique cases I've had, and things such as that.

I am an avid politico that has his share of wins and losses -- and the scars to prove it! After a decade of being on the "inside" of institutional politics, I have a definite opinion on the state of politics and media today. In fact, my opinions sometimes get me in a boatload of trouble. OK, more than sometimes.

I am a radio show host that started as a localized podcaster and now has an award-winning show taht broadcasts on both terrestrial and online radio stations and platforms. While we have a whole website dedicated to that, I am sure some of those postings will spill over onto here.

And last, but most certainly not least, I am the uncle of the greatest nephew in the history of mankind, Marcos Antonio. If you disagree with that, fight me. He may even pop up from time to time, as I love to share stories and photos of our adventures.

So basically, this is where you will find the work that I am proud to share, my big mouth on just about anything and everything, and for otherwise adorable content. I hope that you stop by often.

Gene Berardelli is known as a street-smart attorney with significant experience in civil and commercial litigation, a New York Election Law expert, a host of an award winning conservative talk radio show broadcast on terrestrial and internet radio stations, and the uncle to the greatest nephew in the history of the world.


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