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My name is Gene Berardelli. I am a  litigator with a few career milestones under my belt. I am an avid politico who created a national award-winning podcast. And, I am a New Yorker with an opinion on everything! Here is where you will find the work that I am proud to share, and where you can contact me directly to talk about law, politics or just life in general.

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Think about it.  Where law and politics meet is where the path of our lives is charted - year by year, day by day. We collectively decide our leadership through the political process. We rely on law for the stability and safety we all enjoy and to redress wrong when we call upon it. And we rely on both for the sake of our families.

I have chosen to stand at this intersection - because in my opinion, it is the most exciting place in the world to be. I look forward to seeing you there.